Liberae Cogitationes


Editeur: Intersentia

On the 9th of January 2014, Marc Bossuyt, President of the Belgian Constitutional Court, will be awarded emeritus status. As a tribute for his remarkably prolific career, this Liber amicorum, to which more than fifty colleagues and friends have contributed, aims to express the appreciation

inspired by his magnificent fine career. The editorial committee did not have to look far to choose the subject of the book. Indeed, "Human Rights" is the common theme in the multifaceted career of Marc Bossuyt, and a theme that is very close to his heart. The title of the book is "Liberae cogitationes". Marc Bossuyt has always considered freedom of speech and the exchange of ideas with others as very important. With his strong power of persuasion, he conveyed his solidly underpinned points of view to his numerous interlocutors and challenged them to interesting debates on fundamental issues in a State governed by the rule of law and, in particular, on the protection of human rights.

décembre 2013
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