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  • Which information can I access?

    A Jurisquare subscription enables you to access the search engine and all references included in the database. If you have a subscription to a specific journal, you can ask for the online version to be activated without extra charge. The online access conditions are determined by the publisher. Access to online books can be purchased online and are available immediately after purchase. Book prices depend on the type of Jurisquare license purchased by the customer.

    You only need to have access to one specific article from a journal? Or maybe just one chapter from a book? No problem - many articles and chapters can be purchased separately, by means of online payment or using pre-purchased credits.

  • How do I change my personal information?

    You can change your personal details information via the main page with your profile which you will find under your name.

  • Is it possible to grant access to Jurisquare to more users on the basis of one single subscription?

    Yes, it is possible. Please contact Jurisquare on +32 2 503 01 72 or by email in order to determine the correct formula.

  • How do I activate my journal subscriptions?

    You already have access to Jurisquare and you subscribe to one or more of its journals? Click the 'Subscribe or activate' key and indicate that you would like to activate the journal(s) to which you subscribe. The journal’s publisher will handle your request within four working days.

  • How do I subscribe to a journal?

    You would like to access journal content, but you don’t have a subscription yet? You can order a subscription through Jurisquare. Click the 'Subscribe or activate'key next or under the relevant journal, then indicate that you would like to subscribe. Your request will immediately be sent to the publisher. After your order has been processed, access will be activated on Jurisquare.

  • How can I access online books?

    If you have a Jurisquare subscription, you can purchase access to online books. Click the order key next of under the book that you would like to have access to. As soon as the payment procedure has been completed, you will have immediate access.

  • Can I also order the print version of a book?

    Jurisquare provides the possibility to purchase the print version of a book together with the online version. Purchasing the acces to an online book entitles you to buy the print version at a reduced price. Click the order key next or under the book and indicate that you would like to purchase the online book + print version. After you have paid, you will have immediate access to the online book and the publisher will send you the print version as soon as possible.

    You would like to purchase only the print version, without the online book? Click the order key next or under the book and indicate that you only wish to order the print version. The Jurisquare website will guide you to the publisher’s website, where you will be able to order the book.

  • Can I also purchase individual chapters and articles?

    You would like to access a specific chapter, without purchasing the entire book? You find the article you need but you are not interested in a subscription to the journal? Not a problem for a Jurisquare subscriber! Many articles and chapters can be purchased separately, by means of online payment or using pre-purchased credits.

  • Can I make purchases on Jurisquare if I am not subscribed?

    No, the purchase of legal publications via Jurisquare is reserved for Jurisquare subscribers only.

  • How do I find a journal or a book in the library?

    Jurisquare members and other website visitors can search the complete Jurisquare library.

    • Click on the Library tab to see a list of all Jurisquare books and journals. Recently added publications will be presented at the top of the list
    • You can use the search bar to enter keywords.
    • On the left hand side, you will find several filters, that will enable you to search more efficiently.
  • How do I perform a full text search in Jurisquare?

    Only Jurisquare members can access full text documents. Click the Search in full text tab to view a list of jurisprudences, doctrines and chronicles.

    • Use the search bar at the top of the page to search in all full text publications available on Jurisquare. Search results can be presented by date or according to relevance.
    • Every result includes the title of the contribution, its author(s), page number, book or journal title and, if applicable, place and date of jurisdiction. In addition, each result will also feature several text excerpts from the contribution.
    • To the left of the results’ page, you will find several filters, that rank items according to relevance:
      • WHERE? : This filter enables you to search in all Jurisquare documents or only those that you are able to access.
      • TYPE : Restrict your search to doctrine, jurisprudence or chronicle contributions.
      • LANGUAGE : Restrict your search to Dutch, French or English results.
      • JOURNALS : If you do not select a specific journal, you will search in all journals
      • BOOKS : Search in a specific book. If you do not select a specific book, you will search in all books .
      • COURTS : Limit your search to a specific court.
      • PLACE : Limit your search to the place of jurisprudence.
      • AUTHOR : Limit your search a specific author.
  • See advanced search for more information

  • Can I save an article or chapter?

    Jurisquare documents are available in a user-friendly integrated reader. Journal articles can also be downloaded. Chapters from books cannot be downloaded, but depending on your license, you may be able to select, copy and print the required text.