Contracts in the People's Republic of China


Editeur: die Keure / la Charte

This in-depth introduction to the law of contracts of Mainland China was written for Western lawyers who have contacts with the People's Republic of China, for scholars and students of comparative law or of Sinology. As stated above the book is merely an introduction, not a technical legal treatise

for specialised private lawyers. It is therefore useful for businessmen too.
Without using stale language, this work also places the law of contractual obligations in an historical and socio-political context. It sketches, besides the general theory of contractual obligations and the provisions on the several specific contracts, the Chinese case law on international sales contracts, as well as the law on the dispute resolution. It can be said that with regard to the private law the book opens a window on the continental Chinese legal culture, as Zweigert and Kötz would call it.

février 2018
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