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Family Matters

Publisher: Intersentia
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John Eekelaar, FBA, is a 'giant of family law', whose unrivalled contribution to the entire breadth of family law scholarship and research has brought many doctrinal, theoretical, empirical and contextual insights to the study of family law and family justice. His world-wide reputation and influence in the field of family law, and the huge body of literature his career of more than 50 years has produced, are celebrated in this collection of essays written by senior judges and fellow academics. The 66 contributions cover a wide range of issues in family law, child law and family justice. Many draw their inspiration from Eekelaar's sociolegal and social policy focus, the groundbreaking, keystone or prescient nature of his analyses, or the various lenses through which he has sought to refract the subject matter of family law. Throughout the book the admiration for Eekelaar and the high esteem in which he is held is palpable. The result is a collection of insightful critical engagements


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