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Artificial Intelligence and the Law (2nd edition)

Publisher: Intersentia
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly more prevalent in our daily social and professional lives. Although AI systems and robots bring many benefits, they present several challenges as well. The autonomous and opaque nature of AI systems implies that their commercialisation will affect the legal and regulatory framework. In this comprehensive book, scholars critically examine how AI systems may impact Belgian law. While specific topics of Belgian private and public law are thoroughly addressed, the book also provides a general overview of a number of regulatory and ethical AI evolutions and tendencies in the European Union. Therefore, it is a must-read for legal scholars, practitioners and government officials as well as for anyone with an interest in law and AI.In this second edition various chapters have been updated to reflect recent developments in the field. Two chapters covering media law and competition law have also been added.
Jan De Bruyne is a research


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