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International Journal of Procedural Law

Publisher: Intersentia
Language: Dutch
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Jurisquare will cease to operate from 1 September. Consequently, no new issues of this journal will be published from 1 July. You can access the content of this journal at the following address: www.stradalex.com.

If you would like more information, please contact us at: contactmarketing@larcier-intersentia.com


The multilingual International Journal of Procedural Law (IJPL) provides an international research platform for scholars and practitioners in the field of procedural law, especially in civil matters.

In addition to articles in five different languages examining current developments in judicial and alternative dispute resolution, the IJPL also publishes articles devoted to the theoretical foundations of procedural law. Contributions address legal issues from domestic, transnational or international perspectives, including comparative law and conflicts of law aspects. Consequently, the IJPL is not only of interest for scholars but also for practitioners in


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